Tuesday, 15 December 2015

ER Couture: Woven Details Part 1

We always love catching up with Elisabeth Rolskov, the Founder and Designer of Danish clothing line ER Couture, offering a beautiful rainbow of colours and monochrome ready-to-wear pieces for women. Here's the first part of the series featuring the brand and its creator.

What intrigues you about Asia in terms of design?

This might be a typical designer’s abstract answer, but I’m going to say it anyway: silhouettes--what you see when you don’t see it. If we look at the big players of traditional fashion in Asia, we see a completely different and much more graceful ‘cut’ than in Western history where Europe especially wanted to highlight the hip and cleavage.

The Japanese kimono, the Mandarin cheongsam, the Korean hanbok and the Vietnamese ao dai--all these put emphasis on covering the body and creating silhouettes around the feminine shape instead. A graceful flow of silk works as an enticing and mysterious way of showing off the feminine body in all its shapes and sizes. I really, really like that.

Do you see a link between Danish fashion and Vietnamese fashion? Why or why not?

I believe all designers, tailors and clothiers are linked together in the craft of making 'art' that can move and adapt to whomever wears it. There are differences and exceptions everywhere among designers, regions, and trades but generally speaking, Danish fashion is more minimalistic and sturdy with a focus on simple structures, while Vietnamese fashion in general works with more details, colours and patterns.

More soon...

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