Sunday, 21 October 2012

Saigon Style with Truc Tran

How would you define your style?
Usually I go for chic. I match my outfit using contrasting clothes i.e denim top vs sheer bottom, lace crop top vs cotton short, etc. However, working at a school requires me to dress a little different [from my own style]: classic and sophisticated.

What's the trend amongst the young Viet Kieu's like yourself?
Well, I'm not a Viet Kieu. You can call me an urban chic girl. :) With the influence of Western mindedness and other Korean/Japanese 'culture invasion', young urban chics are now willing to put more effort to dress themselves nicely and stylishly. There are two groups: those who follow the lovely and sophisticated style of Koreans and those who follow the little exaggerations of Western style. But both must always follow one rule: no matter what you wear, your clothes speaks for you.

The selection of shops in Saigon is quite limited compared to other major cities in Asia. Where do you shop?
Well, I'm like a collector. I would buy clothes randomly as I find things I like. It could be Nem, Ivy Moda, Ma Belle, MARC, etc. the domestic brands in Vietnam or Western brands like Forever21, H&M, Mango, Zara, Accessorize etc. or no brand/handmade clothes at some authentic shops like Conquaden, Blue Print, Urbanista, Morning Coffee', etc.

Who inspires you?
Don't laugh but my love for fashion first came from a fashion program called America's Next Top Model. When I watched the 3rd cycle of ANTM, I thought I got struck by lightning. It showed me a whole new world of fashion. I don't have an individual inspirer, mostly I read magazines, read on the internet, read fashion blogs for inspiration.

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