Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Stylish Sixties

When I was thirteen, still growing out of the hair I'd cut myself, my mother discovered the Macy's Clearance Centre, a heaping mess of out-of-season clothes or whatever they couldn't sell. She also started driving us to garage sales, flea markets and consignment/antique shops in search of something beautiful. She usually did. Each weekend was a lesson on textiles, colours, the difference between silk crepe and rough silk, the difference between 100% linen and linen-cotton blend, the details, what worked, what didn't. She wore only cotton, linen and silk, but mostly dresses with a belt around her tiny waist. No matter how far apart we've lived, we have continued to explore different styles together, what new fabrics we've discovered, what new piece of clothing we've found and why we love them. Of course, we also tell each other when something doesn't work. Here she is, styled by me before heading to the airport in a cotton/linen blend tunic by Muji, elastic smocking at the neckline, bamboo cotton leggings by SONG Paris, and on her arm hangs a vintage Agnes b. snap button cardigan. Her bag is vintage Coach. Shoes by DKNY with leather brogue trim and the scarf is a gift from me purchased in Bangkok.

How do you choose your clothes?
See if I like the fabric, then if the cut fits me and the colour. Most importantly, it needs to suit me, not necessarily be in fashion.

How would you describe your style?
I don't know. I don't really think I have a particular style, but if I have to describe it, then anything uplifting and elegant. A combination.

You have lived in many countries, when it comes to style, which country most inspires you?
Italy and France. Their cut suits me better. I also love their textiles. They're different.

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