Monday, 21 May 2012

Singapore Style in Saigon

I recently met Yeni Adam in Ho Chi Minh City and was captivated by her vibrant personality and feminine style. She generously allowed me to style and shoot her one afternoon in the streets of Saigon.

Q&A with Yeni Adam

What catches your eyes, in other words, how do you go about choosing an outfit for everyday wear? Formal occasion?

Daily wear: comfort + colours + accessories! I love pastels for daily wear. As a mom, I also have to consider materials that allow me to move freely, so denim and cotton are my best friends. Chunky accessories are the final touches for the day.

Formal occasion: I bend towards classic elegance. Classic cuts and colours like royal blue and jade green are my current favourites.

What would you say is a connecting theme in the beautiful pieces you choose?

Classic & chic.

If you had a fancy dress party, what theme would you choose?

Alice in Wonderland. There is a tiny part of me that wants to wear quirky eccentric colours out to the mall... since that is never going to happen, I would love to have a party with bursting colours everywhere!

Please give us a few stories about what you're wearing.

The DVF black V-neck printed dress is from my husband. First gift he bought for me while we were dating. I came home from work and saw a paper bag on the bed. Honestly, I was slightly worried because I was not sure if it was the right fit...but it turned out well! I was really impressed by him.

The circle-detail copper with braid leather necklace reminds me of Sapa. I have always been interested in the people of aboriginal regions, like Papua New Guinea and Sapa.

The green silk clutch purse is from Covent Garden, London. I was out discovering the new city when I saw this purse. I appreciate details and prints on bags because my daily attire is usually simple so such bags will help pop the outfit a bit more. On top of that, this green purse has the Cath Kidston touch to it.

Finally, the Chanel handbag is a gift from my lovely husband. It is a thank-you-for-going-through-labour-for-us sort of present :) This classic handbag goes with almost everything in my wardrobe. Versatile piece.


  1. I especially love the retro-look dress with the beret. Hard to find a favorite since all fashion styled and photographed by the inimitable Nana Chen always looks brilliant! (I speak from personal experience)

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