Thursday, 17 November 2011

MK Design London

I had the chance to visit the Cornwall Design Fair 2011 held last summer. While going through the two tents I kept on seeing this elegant woman walking quickly back and forth like she knew exactly where she was going. As it turned out, Hyekyoung was one of the featured designers from London, selling handprinted scarves. The way her scarf floated and waved in the air as she walked was so mesmorising I followed her to her booth.

What inspired you to create MK Design?

My inspiration is drawn from a wealth of sources including nature, travelling and art galleries. Nature and its colours give me huge inspirations. When I find a scenery that I like, my brain and my heart suddenly stop working as I get very touched. Travelling has given me diverse colours and thoughts. Travelling in India, for example, gave me a different way of thinking and different view of looking at some objects. Regarding galleries, my favorite artists are Monet and Gustav Klimt. The combination of colours of their work and the patterns of Klimt's work are absolutely gorgeous.

What do you design mostly?

I specialise in textile print design. I have developed and transformed my skills by using traditional, contemporary and digital printing techniques combining with art talents and passion for textiles into fashion and interior products. Every piece in my collection is absolutely unique and individually crafted in limited numbers appealing to a contemporary market. Recently, I designed handmade silk scarves using marbling and hand painting techniques (pictured above).

What's the concept of your design?

I aim to create prints with an interest in the relationship between drawing, surface pattern and colours, I create abstract patterns that retain an element of the hand-drawn image. Integrating the traditional and the contemporary in a way of approaching and transforming my skills, I play with two opposite directions together to create my own personal expression that is unique and sophisticated.

What do you like to wear?

I like simple, unique and feminine style. I try to wear diverse brands together rather than being picky about designer brands. If some items make me look nice and match well, then they are just mine. So I like clothes from Topshop to Alexander McQueen. I especially enjoy wearing jeans brands: 7 jeans, DKNY,Diesel and Hudson all with T-shirts.

Where can I buy your garments and scarves?

Please enjoy surfing at Coming soon.

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