Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Saigon Stylista Couple

Bien Nguyen and Elizabeth Fisher run the uber-trendy Xu Restaurant Lounge in Saigon. The two are also one of the most stylish couples I've encountered anywhere. I caught up with them last month for a quick click on the street & a Q&A on their personal style and what makes them head-turners.

Bien's Q&A
Shoes: Ted Baker
Jeans: Nudie - Thigh Long John [Favorite brand of jeans]
Under T-shirt: Marshall artist [friends label taking the world by storm]
Sweater: D&G
Jacket: Tailored by Cao Minh HCMC

My style concept is usually balancing casual or street with a touch of formal chic. I need to look the perceived presentable but cool and maybe a bit of edge. So I think that comes through on most days. I'm not sure who inspires my style but I like to wear at least one item that is unique to the commercial.

I usually shop outside of Vietnam in smaller edgy boutiques with up-and-coming designers. In Singapore, Haji Lane has a few small cool boutiques, New York's Soho and Outer Soho area, too. In Vietnam, Mai Lam--one-offs for her son of course, and L'usine.

Elizabeth's Q&A
Top: Edun
Jeans: J Brand
Shoes: Aldo
Necklace: Marc Jacobs
Bracelets: Hermes
Bangles: a gift

My style is casual classic with a bit of glamour and edge. I like to keep my look simple but always add a touch of funk or glamour. With work I can pretty much wear whatever I feel comfortable in that has style. If I have meetings that day, I dress in more business style. If I have an event that evening, then my work outfit will be party fun.

I get inspired by everything from my friends, to magazines, to my fake shopping carts I create online. I love to pretend to shop online; like at or, and see what they are trending.

Shopping in Vietnam is very difficult, especially for my body size and in particular my sized 40 feet. I can't go very local because nothing fits properly, but I will hit up places like Mango or M)phosis for basics and then go to L'Usine or Mai Lam for more unique pieces.

My favorite place to shop is in the US though. Everything just fits, especially for shoes where they carry every style in my size. But I do agree with Bien: for Asia, I love to hit up the boutique-y areas like Haji in Singapore or Soho in Hong Kong.

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