Tuesday, 28 June 2011

KIU--new French label

Kiu is a brand I first noticed while on a magazine shoot at Saigon's Vietnamese-Dutch restaurant Flow. The duo: Julie Dao Duy and Camille Chatelier were there to organise a fashion show at the then new venue. A year later, their creations are now on the racks at the Villa Anupa on the other side of town. I had to learn more.

What do you usually wear?

I usually wear the clothes we design, mixed with other clothes from other designer friends or brands. I like to have one basic piece and one designer piece.

Define your style
I would say I like casual and comfortable clothes. I started wearing heels not long ago so I am adapting my wardrobe right now :). But the general idea is to find clothes that you can wear without anything else. No need for accessories. Pair of Jean and a nice top is my favourite outfit.

How does your work influence your style and vice versa?
I always loved that 'ethnic chic' style you can find in magazines. But it's risky. It is often 'too much'. KIU is a nice compromise. That's why I like to wear our own collection.

-How did Kiu get its start?
KIU started as a crazy idea we both had ( None of us studied design). We were too shy and not confident enough to start a business alone. Starting KIU together has been a great adventure.

What's the concept?
The concept is simple. We want to mix traditional Vietnamese fabrics from the north with a young and casual design. There is only a small ethnic 'touch' on our clothes. It is not obvious, more subtle.

Who wears Kiu?
KIU is for women who want to wear comfortable clothes with style. Our fabrics are perfect for Vietnam and for Spring- Summer in Europe.

Where/Who do you look to for inspiration?
Inspiration comes form fashion magazines of course, designers' websites, but most of the time, it comes from the streets and people we meet.

Where do you shop for yourself?
I don't really shop in Vietnam. I just came back from Hong Kong, the best place for shopping!

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  1. Lovely pieces pictured here--more!!! Please?